Review of Contemporary Corrective Services Literature. TENDER DOC; Corruption and Crime Commission of WA


Corrective services staff, and in particular prison officers, operate in environments with substantial corruption and misconduct risks by virtue of the roles they perform, the powers they are given and the people over whom those powers are exercised. The Commission is engaged in a number of investigative, research, analytical and intelligence activities aimed at ensuring that these risks are identified and dealt with transparently and accountably.

This project involves conducting a review of contemporary literature across Australian, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States jurisdictions about inappropriate relationships between corrections officers and criminal elements, the serious misconduct that can occur as a result of these inappropriate relationships and best practice models for effectively managing these misconduct risks.

The review will give particular focus to misconduct risks involving corrective services staff:

(a) trafficking of contraband into prisons;

(b) unlawfully assaulting prisoners or enabling such assaults to occur; and

(c) inappropriately accessing and disclosing official information.

The results of the review, in conjunction with other information collected, will:

• underpin the Commission\’s examination of the effectiveness of measures employed by the Department of Corrective Services in Western Australia to prevent, identify and deal with misconduct arising from inappropriate relationships between its staff and criminal elements;

• inform and assist in determining the structure and content of Commission reports stemming from its activities looking into the management of misconduct risk in the Department of Corrective Services in Western Australia; and

• potentially inform Commission investigations and, if necessary, research strategies.

The project deliverables are to:

• conduct a review of contemporary literature in Australia and designated jurisdictions internationally addressing six high level questions. These questions relate to the issue of inappropriate relationships between corrective services staff and criminal elements, three areas of targeted misconduct risk, and best practice models for the management of these risks; and

• prepare a report detailing the findings from the review of literature against the six high level review questions.

The Commission requires the final report to be delivered no later than March/April 2014. Respondents should note that the project needs to be delivered within these times if not earlier, and that deadlines cannot be extended.

More detail about the focus of the literature review, the high level review questions to be addressed, the report structure, project management and deliverables are contained in Schedule 2 Specifications/Statement of Requirements.

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